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China's Special Envoy to Middle East Sun Bigan Meets with Diplomatic Envoys to China of Relevant Countries on Gaza Situation

      On January 6, 2009, China's Special Envoy to Middle East Sun Bigan requested to meet with the diplomatic envoys or senior diplomats to China of the EU Troika (the Czech Republic, Sweden and the European Commission) and Iran respectively on the current Gaza situation.

      Sun mainly introduced China's position on the current situation in the Gaza Strip as well as the efforts China has made to ease the situation and the humanitarian crisis. He said China is ready to continue working with the international community to realize a ceasefire as soon as possible, push for the reopening of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations and resolve the conflict through peaceful means.

      The EU and Iranian diplomatic envoys and diplomats appreciated China's relevant positions and efforts. They also briefed on their respective views on the development of the Middle East situation as well as their efforts to settle the conflict, expressing hope to continue maintaining coordination and communication with China.

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