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China's Special Envoy to Middle East Sun Bigan Holds Group Meeting with Diplomatic Envoys of Arab Countries to China on the Gaza Situation

      On January 5, 2009, China's Special Envoy to Middle East Sun Bigan held a group meeting with diplomatic envoys of Arab countries to China and representatives of the League of Arab States (LAS) on the current Gaza situation.

      Sun said China is seriously concerned over the escalation of the Gaza conflict and worsening of the volatile situation in the Middle East. China strongly urged the parties concerned to immediately stop military action and armed conflict to prevent civilian casualties and ease the situation as soon as possible.

      Sun mainly introduced China’s efforts to promote the relaxation of tension in the region since the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He said China is ready to continue working with all parties concerned to stop the current armed conflicts and bring the Palestinian-Israeli issue back to the track of political settlement as soon as possible.

      The Arab diplomats appreciated China’s relevant positions, expressing hope that China will continue to exert positive influence on the realization of the ceasefire and the relaxation of the tensions in the region.

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