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A Visit to Deng Xiaoping's Hometown


On the occasion of Deng Xiaoping's centenary, the International Press Center (IPC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China organized a group of foreign journalists to visit Guang'an City, Sichuan Province, the hometown of Deng Xiaoping from August 20 to 23. Fourteen journalists of 9 news agencies from 6 countries including the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and Singapore took part in the tour. 


Guang'an is located in the eastern part of Sichuan Province and the middle part of Huaying Ridges. Born in Paifang Village, Xiexing Town, Guang'an City on August 22, 1904, Deng Xiaoping spent the following 16 years of his youth there.

During the tour, the journalists visited the former residence of Deng Xiaoping, the Museum of Deng Xiaoping's former residence, Square of Deng Xiaoping's Bronze Statue, the old well of the Deng's, the old streets in Xiexing, Beishan Primary School and the New Paifang Village. At the focus of the interview were ordinary citizens in Guang'an who have expressed their reverence for and reminiscence of Deng Xiaoping to the journalists through various means. Moreover, the journalists also visited Guang'an Power Station, Guang'an Agricultural Technology Center, Tengkuofa Manufacturing Company in Huaying City as well as Wanqian Fodder Company in Wusheng County.


Wang Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Guang'an City, and other officials from the subordinate districts and counties of Guang'an City met with the journalists respectively and took their questions on how to maintain the sustained and coordinated development of local economy, how to make full use of geographical advantages to attract foreign investment, how to solve the problem of poverty as well as the situation of democratic election at town and township level.

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