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Syrian Baath party leader applauds CPC's achievements


The Communist Party of China (CPC) has made remarkable achievements as it has dramatically improved the livelihood of the Chinese people, a senior leader of the Syrian Baath Arab Socialist party said here Thursday.

  The Chinese nation is a progressive and innovative one, said Abdullah al-Ahmar, assistant secretary general of the Baath Arab Socialist Party in an interview with Xinhua. He said he was impressed by the drastic changes made in China over the years.

  He categorized the CPC's achievements in three phases. First, he said, the CPC led the Chinese to independence and liberation in 1949. Second, it made the Chinese people become increasingly richer and stronger by overcoming great difficulties. Third, China's economy grew rapidly under the collective leadership led by Deng Xiaoping since China adopted the opening up and reform policy in 1978.

  Al-Ahmar, who came to attend the Third International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) slated for Sept. 3-5, called the relationship between his party and the CPC "outstanding, positive and good."

  More than 80 political parties from 34 countries will attend the three-day meeting in Beijing.

  Good relations between the two parties served as a foundation for the smooth development of ties between Syria and China, he said.

  He said he hoped that the delegates would have broad and in-depth exchanges of views at the meeting and reach consensuses on regional cooperation in Asia.

  The previous two ICAPP conferences were held in the Philippines and Thailand in September 2000 and November 2002 respectively.

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